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BVJ Company has been in business since 1986 and is focused on providing high quality software solutions and services to our customers. The knowledge, experience, and longevity of our staff are a vital component of our success. The following are key solutions that can be customized to work with your existing information, processes and forms, with absolute security. BVJ’s easy to use solutions provide you with complete control.

BVJ Account Receivable View (also works with VIP) providing the beverage industry with 25% more selling time, new business and increased office efficiency!

Give you’re outside sales force 25% more time-to-sell.
Free up your office staff! Reduce accounting related phone calls by 75%!
Create a satisfied customer that will then provide you with increased sales, better shelf and cooler space.
Attract new business and simplify chain accounts increasing your bottom line.


Are your customers constantly calling to see where their invoices are in your accounts receivable process?
Do they want to see if the information in your accounts receivable system matches their accounts payable system?
Do they want to know when payments have been made, their balance, and when you should receive your payments?
Do they want conformation or to see a signed receipt?
Do they need to see credits for returns?
Do they want to have their questions answered NOW?

BVJ Accounts Receivable View will provide all your customers (or the ones you choose) with the information you select to answer these questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
You provide the password; you have complete control of who and what information is accessed.
This, easy to use information, is available to your chosen customers 24-7,and is totally secure.

Your accounts receivable system (main data base)(VIP system) is never connected to the web from BVJ Accounts Receivable View providing ultimate security!


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