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Project Summary

The background of BVJ's founder, Bruce A. Bednarski, is varied and diverse and includes working as a consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation developing SQL procedures for the Business Manager's Workbench to collect and process both revenue and certified order information, storing it in an RDB database containing a data warehouse data model, roll the information up along various dimensions using MS Access to prototype RDB SQL stored procedures. The process also included developing a pivot table of year over year, month over month and week over week to show current over last year comparisons. Thus, enabling business managers to make better decisions on current and future product directions.

Project Objective

Provide information on current Profit and Loss data of interest to a business product manager or their upper management for the following dimensional roll ups/drill downs:

This is so the business managers can ask and obtain answers to the following types of questions:

With the above information the business product managers can plan where they need to advertise or what types of products to add which ones to phase out, which customers to give price breaks to, etc.

Process Flow

Obtain information from legacy systems (called legacy not because they may be phased out but because they are existing systems we have to work with) on a weekly basis:

Roll up the data into three major levels, each in a separate data warehouse database:

From which specialize reports are generated. The intermediate and summary level data as well as the reports are made available to the business managers.

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