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The background of BVJ's founder, Bruce A. Bednarski, is varied and diverse and includes working as a Software Consultant/Developer under contract to Concord Group Insurance for their various insurance project.

In the capacity of Software Consultant/Developer, Bruce had the following responsibilities:

  1. Account Credit - compare insured name and addresses and give credit to those not claiming and remove credit from those not having a matching home and auto policy
  2. Account Credit Report - that allow insurance agencies to see what personal line home owner policies have an associated auto policy that did not claim a credit and which ones claimed a credit but did not have an associated policy
  3. Pre-Renewals - Compare policy history to a number of underwring rules and flag those that fail for underwriter review, generate good student and defensive driver letters
  4. Automatic Renewals - automatically renew policies that have passed the pre-renewal process
  5. Process RMV & LXN data and add the information to the history on the policy to be used during the pre-renewal process
  6. Claims Pull - develop software to pull policy information, as to what units were covered, what coverages and endorsements were on the policy for the claims system based upon the date of loss
  7. Claim History Reports - for the various insurance lines:

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