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Bulk Order System/Material Management and Distribution System Project

Project Summary

The background of BVJ's founder, Bruce A. Bednarski, is varied and diverse and includes working as a Senior Web Software Engineer under contract to the Fidelity Brokerage Company Technology division developing software for the Bulk Order System/Material Management and Distribution System to be used by the Fidelity Branch Offices.

In the capacity of Senior Web Software Engineer Contractor, Bruce had the following responsibilities:

  1. Developed various Web Services and Control-M Batch jobs
  2. Pro-actively worked with eDB group to develop and maintain the data model in Oracle PL/SQL code
  3. Added Standardized SOAP Headers to the Pre-Filled Forms Assistant Web Service
  4. Reversed Engineered the Sybase Data Model to port it to Oracle for the Sybase Elimination Project

This require extensive remote team communication and colaboration skills. The main team was in TX, QA in CA and the Architect Manager in RI and develoment done at BVJ's offices in NH. The team stay in touch via con calls over Skype, IM and using Web-ex for training sessions with new developers.

Bruce received an "on the spot award" from the internal customer, Manager Cindy Cusolito, for stepping in when needed to bring new members of the remote team up to speed and informally directing the efforts of the remote team to accomplish the required changes on time.

The Architect Manager, Patrick King, known as PK (for primary key), said "Bruce was a very diligent worker that required very little supervision. I could give him a complicated task and know with confidence that he would take it to completion. Bruce definitely enjoyed the technical aspects of any challenge that our project presented to him, but his interest in learning/understanding the associated business processes was where there was real value."

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