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Project Objective

SmarTeam approached BVJ with the following problem:

Their customer, SubZero, purchased a SmarTeam PDM system wanting to use the Project object to represent an Engineering Change Order (ECO) Project. The following are the desired enhancements to the ECO Project:

  1. When objects are added to the project they would like a new field on the object the ECO Number to be set to the Project ID field.
  2. The phase of the object will be set to Development phase.
  3. Upon release or promote of an object the user will pick the appropriate phase and new code will be written to change the revision from a.1 to A or b.2 to B, etc.
  4. The code will propagate the phase and update the revision on the depended objects.
  5. When the user changes the state to Obsolete the code will change the phase to Archive.

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