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Haden International

Project Objective

SmarTeam approached BVJ with the following problem:

Their customer, Haden, has purchased a SmarTeam PDM system and would like the following enhancements the release process:

As objects undergo changes in the PDM environment, the customer would like to define and control access to said objects. The customer would like to define various phases of the lifecycle of an object and determine who can do what to the object depending upon its current phase in the lifecycle.

Four main functions were supplied with the enhancement:

  1. Support for definition and maintenance of different Release Levels (i.e. States)
  2. Configuration of authorized changes between Release Levels based on User or Group
  3. This extension will define two new actions that are associated with the changing of release levels. These actions will be called ChangeReleaseLevel and PromoteTo.
  4. Authorization of a user's actions on objects based on the Release Level. These actions include the new ChangeReleaseLevel and PromoteTo plus the built-in actions of Add, Update and Delete. Note that these permissions are in addition to the built-in permissions that the PDM maintains for the Add, Update,and Delete actions. Thus, if the user does not have permission for a particular action in either the built-in functionality or the enhanced functionality, the user will not be able to perform the action.

Two new Visual Basic applications were developed for the customer: One to define the Transition Rules and one for the Extended Permissions that allow administrators to define the additional information for the customer.

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