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Baumer Electric

Project Objective

SmarTeam approached BVJ with the following problem:

Their customer, Baumer Electric, has a Baan IVc1 ERP production system and they wish to purchase the SmarTeam Product Data Management (PDM) System to make modifications of existing designs easier as well as being able to create new designs.

Two other customers, Fellows and Piper, have or plan to acquire the same PDM system but have a different version of the Baan ERP system and utilize different portions of the Baan data model.

Therefore, an added requirement is that this solution be generic enough and flexible enough to allow the user to define the XML file schema names and the data model mapping between the two different systems PDM and Baan and the XML element types so that minimal changes in the code would be required to support other installations.

The customer would like to upload existing information from their ERP system to the PDM system in order to seed the PDM system with their current information. At checkin or release of a design in the PDM, they would like to download the new information into the ERP system. When they copy the information to the production area in the ERP or when they perform changes on the information in the ERP system that cause a signaled event they would like to upload the changes to the PDM system. Since the PDM system resides in a Windows NT environment and the ERP system is location on a Unix box, they would like the interface to make use of FTP transfers of XML files.

The interface system will keep information in transfer log tables including detail error messages on both side and will based upon administrator selection email the requester and the appropriate associated administrator of the success or failure of any transfer requests. It is the administrator's responsibility to correct any problems in mismatched references and resolve any errors reported. He may contact support if there is a suspected problem with the interface code.

The customer would like a phase approach to the implementation:

Also, future tasks may be to generate not only data XML files but also schema XML files from the mapping tables and load the schema files into the system thus being able to define or update the XML schema on one system and transfer the changes to the schema via XML files.

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