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Digital Equipment Corporation

Project Summary

The background of BVJ's founder, Bruce A. Bednarski, is varied and diverse and includes working as a consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation in order to develop the Web-based Proposal System which enabled Digital proposal writers to submit their proposal documents and to search either by keywords in an SQL Server Database or by content using MS Index Server for similar proposals that deal with their current projects. Thus, allowing them to remotely share information with other writers.

Project Objective

This project had two phases:

The prototype phase rapidly showed the feasibility of providing a Web Based Proposal System. It will demonstrate the following capabilities:

The production development phase will expand upon the prototype phase by adding the following capabilities over time to a working system:

Process Flow

For the prototype system:

The html proposal page will give the user the option to: The html submit page will allow the user to: The submission process will: The cgi script will: The html content based query page will allow the user to: The html database search page will allow the user to enter: The users can chose to either view the document in the browser if their browser has been set up with the appropriate helper applications or can download the document to their PCs.

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