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QuizLab II Migration Project

FEN, Family Education Network, formerly The Learning Network (LN), a division of Pearson Education purchased a software application called QuizLab which we will call QuizLab I. This application allows teachers to create an account with class information and student rosters. The teachers can also create various types of quizzes from multiple choice to essay questions on over 10 subjects from art, music, languages, computers, math and sciences.

This application ran on three linux web server running C-cgi applications that saved the data in flat files and was pushing the limits of the hardware and software. An application was developed to extract the data and store the information in flat .csv file format.

FEN also has a GradeBook application, running in ColdFusion using SQL Server, with a very similar data model to QuizLab I. The developer of the GradeBook application was able to extend the GradeBook data model and application to encompass similar functionality to QuizLab.
This new version is called QuizLab II.

The migration process which was developed by BVJ personnel based upon BVJ's extensive knowledge in data models and database technology:

Comments from Management

"Bruce - I don't know what to say or how we can thank you for the way you have allowed Quiz Lab to turn your life upside down over the past couple of months. We would not be nearly as close to our goal without you and your stamina for the project. You have gone well beyond what we could have reasonably asked or expected. We were lucky that you came knocking on our door a few months ago."
-- Kathy, Senior Manager at FEN

"Amen to that - thank you Bruce - as well as you Dan and Kathy (and everyone else)."
-- George, another Senior Manager at FEN

"Bruce--I want you to know how much I/we have all appreciated your work, your dedication and your contributions to the launch of Quiz Lab. You put in enormous efforts and allowed us to ruin your sleep and weekends on a regular basis which you handled with grace and humor. You were indeed a key member of the team and will be missed!
If there is anything I can do for you (references, etc.), please don't hesitate to ask!
And please stay in touch.
Again, my sincere gratitude,"
-- Barry, Quizlab Manager at FEN

"Well, Barry beat me to it - I just want to add that your thoroughness and care and attention to detail were also particularly evident. You will definitely be missed!"
-- Dan, Quizlab Project Leader, FEN

A comment from a customer...
"A million thanks for all of you guys who are working to make Quizlab an excellent teaching tool. The new Quiz Lab is simply five hundred times better and easier than the previous version. I used it twice last year and I quit. It was too complicated. Now with the new release, I have been using it on regular basis. Thee designers followed the format of my GradeBook and the result was great. You are doing an incredible job. Congratulations!"
-- Jose, a teacher and a satisfied user of Quizlab II.

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