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Project Objective

CS & T sells everything from software licenses and subscriptions to documents and research information to their clients. Having a database system that was phased out at end of December 2000, they approached BVJ in May of 2000 to help with the development of a web-based system that manages the subscriptions and licenses.

This system expanded upon the old system by allowing users to manage their own company information. The user can create company information, departments, locations, as well as user defined groups. The user can also purchase a number of licenses or subscription levels for their company and allocation the subscriptions to their employees.

The customer wanted to use LDAP to authenticate their clients in addition to developing a prototype using Active Server Pages (ASP) and employing a BVJ developed Access database to be used as feedback for the final design.

The customer liked the eRights product but wanted us to extend the eRights data model to include the tables and views so that they supported the customer's requirements. Additionally, they wanted us to develop Java code to access the eRights database via JDBC calls. Instead of active server pages, the customer requested that the system be written in Java Servlets allowing them to run the system on a Unix platform.

Finally, the customer wanted to have the ability to take a file which is a dump of the existing client information and subscriptions, and have a Java application read the dump file, convert the data, call the JDBC routines so that the existing data can be loaded into the new system.

BVJ consulted on and developed the following:

  1. Help develop the Prototype System using Active Server Pages and MS Access
  2. Evaluated eRights, Design Data Model Extentions to eRights
  3. Coded java Oracle database access methods and rework table designs to use eRights extensions
  4. Developed a Conversion Java Class with the load data method

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