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Tekeshe Foundation Tele-Medical Mobile App System Project

Tekeshe Foundation

Project Summary

The founder of the Tekeshe Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization which focuses on empowering and restoring dignity and hope to the people in the rural areas of Africa, was approached by a group of local doctors on the problems of delivering medical aid to people in remote areas. She turned to BVJ Company to architect, design and develop a system that will also utilize her expertise in UI application development. The system will allow doctors to remotely examine patients, consult with local health care providers and perscribe treament, thus saving lives.

The requirements of the system are:

  1. Live interaction via video conferencing software - when possible
  2. Voice notes & voice mail, cell phone texting and sending images, and email with attachments - when above not avaiable
  3. Storage of encrypted images, video and audio files
  4. Storage of encrypted Documents
  5. Apps that run on various computing devices and other medical devices
  6. Allows consultation to be done by a medical doctor even when there is poor internet conectivity
  7. A virtual doctor function where the system can suggest diagnosis and things for the nurse to look for in the examination.
If you would like to give a charitable deductible donation to this very worthy project please contact the Tekeshe Foundation at Global Giving

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