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Budweiser Wholesale Distributor: Comments from the Controller

" BVJ Company has put into place a data extraction process that moves account and invoice information from our main database and will still keep our critical database protected from any performance impact or unauthorized access by our web server by allowing it to remain isolated from the internet. ..."

" They have an excellent web viewer, the BVJ Customer Viewer, which can present that data in a meaningful way to our retailers. "

"In Conclusion, based upon what the BVJ Project has enabled us to do, namely allowing us to share the information within our existing database with our customers and employees in a safe and secure way, I would recommend that a BVJ Project implementation along with the BVJ Customer Viewer be undertaken in order to achieve customer good will, improve cash flow, and reduce the number of calls questioning on how information was processed."

"BVJ's automated system freed up more Time-to-Sell for our sales representatives and less time on administrative duties with customer satisfaction as an additional benefit."

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